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Fully Managed Services

Backup as a Service

Never lose Data

010’s managed backup service benefits:

  • A team of experts who proactively check your backup status and prevent malfunctions.
  • Local backup + cloud backup to 2 remote sites
  • AES256 level encryption capability to prevent theft of your information.
  • Long retention – even 7 years or more
  • Ability to restore single items or even the entire system.

Active EDR – Protecting Against Ransomware

Never pay Ransom

SentinelOne detects a ransom event at the very beginning and stops the attack.

In addition, if some of the information was encrypted before the attack was stopped, SentinelOne can revert the system to its original state, so that you do not have to pay the ransom.

Fully Managed Firewall

Keep intruders out

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features.

Send the log files to a managed …

Disaster Recovery Strategy

When data loss occurs, a well-defined recovery plan is your lifeline. Our Disaster Recovery Planning services encompass comprehensive data recovery strategies, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid restoration of critical systems.

Cyber Security Strategy

A robust cybersecurity strategy is the bedrock of a resilient digital environment. We perform thorough assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and develop customized strategies to shield your systems from evolving cyber threats.

Strategic Consulting services

Cyber Risk Assessment

The basis for building a defense umbrella for an organization is to perform an examination of weak points, identify loopholes, define needs, and make recommendations to fill gaps between the existing protection and the desired protection.

Information security is required to maintain information confidentiality, information availability and integrity.

010 works according to the methodology of the Israeli Cyber ​​Headquarters with adjustments required for each organization according to its size, nature, geographic distribution, regulatory requirements, relevant threats, and exposures.

The content of the assessment varies depending on the client and his infrastructure and usually includes:

  • Interviews with key people in the organization
  • Database mapping
  • Mapping infrastructure and information systems
  • Mapping processes in the organization
  • Network and systems scanning to identify network weaknesses.
  • Checking the way information systems are used, remote access passwords and more.

At the end of the survey, an executive report describing the current situation and the gap to the desired situation will be produced.

The report will detail the findings and the level of risk for each finding, as well as recommendations for correcting the deficiencies.

The report will be a guideline for the organization to perform necessary actions and repairs to minimize the damages in the event of an attack.

Security Awareness Training

If you lock your house and set an alarm but do not teach your children not to open the door to strangers, the investment in the door and the alarm will be useless because the child will open the door to a thief.

The same with technological defenses against cyber-attacks.

 no matter what defense technologies you put in place – you must make sure that your employees do not accidentally allow the cyber criminals into the organization.

To significantly reduce the risk of a cyber incident, the first and basic thing is to carry out regular training for employees in the organization and teach them to recognize the potential for a cyber incident and teach them how to avoid it.

Information security awareness is an educational process that teaches employees about network security, best practices and even compliance with standards and regulations.

 A comprehensive security awareness program trains employees in a variety of information technology, security, and other business topics.

These include, among others, ways to identify impersonation and other types of attacks such as social engineering, detecting behaviors of potential malware, reporting possible security threats, monitoring the company’s IT policy and best practices, as well as complying with all privacy regulations.

The proposed employee awareness service is based on short training videos on various topics of cyber, privacy protection and the laws to prevent sexual harassment.

Security Updates

No software or operating system in the world is perfect, and from time to time security holes are discovered in the operating systems or software you use. 

When such a loophole is discovered, the manufacturer issues a security patch for the loophole. In the notice about the patch, he also explains what the loophole is and how this patch solves the problem.

The problem is that as soon as a security update is released, the cybercriminals (hackers) know how to attack and specifically harm people who have not installed this security update.

Therefore, as part of our services, we recommend installing a solution that ensures that your computer is immediately updated with every security update, whether the update is for the operating system or whether it is for third-party software that you use.

Partners Program

E-mail Filtering

One of the main ways through which a cyber-attack starts is through email.

According to the FBI, the total losses of companies worldwide during the last three years just as a result of email hacks and impersonation attacks, is estimated at more than 28 Billion dollars.

Adding the email filtering solution provides immediate protection to customers against cyber-attacks carried out through email, some of which are very easy to carry out and very difficult to detect and neutralize…Read More

SIEM/SOC as a Service

As you know, cybercriminals do not only work according to the working hours in organizations and many attacks take place at night and on weekends. The monitoring system (SIEM) Perch of Connectwise that we represent is one of the leaders in the field and contains the tests required to detect anomalies in real time.

Our cyber incident response team operates 24/7/365 from the USA and contains intervention teams at all levels for all types of cyber incidents. 

The team knows how to alert and handle all types of cyber incidents…Read More

Cyber Intelligence

Thousands of user details and PII are stolen every day, including addresses, passwords, dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal details that are offered for sale on the DarkNet to the highest bidder and allow the buyer to impersonate you, penetrate private and corporate computers and take control of the computer, the camera and even bank accounts.

In order to defend against this possibility, and as part of our range of services, we operate an intelligence system that combines advanced technology and a human team for our clients to check which of their information has been leaked to the Dark Web and provide them with tools and solutions to prevent and deal with corporate information leakage…Read More

Technology Strategy

In a world driven by technological advancements, crafting a comprehensive technology strategy is crucial. Our consultants collaborate with you to align your technology investments with your business objectives, ensuring security and recovery considerations are deeply integrated.

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