Managed Backup Solution

Managed Backup - So You Can be Safe

Your information is the most important asset to your business. In order to protect it from internal and external threats, 010 offers you an advanced backup solution consisting of professional support service and Asigra's intelligent backup platform to deal with all threats to any information system.

Through many years of collaboration with Asigra, the 010 backup Service will help you business handle various threats such as Ransomware, sophisticated spyware or other malicious viruses, humane error, etc. 

Perfect Backup for Any Scenario

The 010 Backup service supports varied technology, applications, databases and devices. The solution is not limited in volume, location or infrastructure provider and guarantees maximum readiness for any failure that could lead to loss of information.

Our backup software is updated regularly and automatically, tailored to the changing needs of each organization and ensures full data recovery at times of crisis.
Protecting<br />Any Device

Any Device




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010's Managed Backup - How It Really Works

In the event of a backup system failure, the 010 support team receives automated alerts  in accordance with the SLA conditions. Our team handles all remote fault without the need for customer involvement and without interrupting the day-to-day operation of the enterprise systems.

010's servers are located on the world's largest and leading server farms, your data is copied in real-time and stored in separate facilities, allowing us full end customer data recovery when required.

Benefits of 010’s Managed Backup Solution

Flexible Solution

Flexible Solution

Information Security and Recovery is Guaranteed

Information Security and Recovery is Guaranteed

Resource Saving

Resource Saving

Unique Ransomware Protection on Four Levels

Long-Term Retention

Asigra knows to save in the cloud, many generations of the data, according to the customer's definition (even for 7 years or more), thus ensuring data recovery even in the case of a ransomware that "incubates" over a long time before spreading.

Protection against deletion of historical Backup data

Asigra’s backup solution prevents the intruder from deleting historical data from the backup using a unique Asigra function that requires another password to delete backups (2FA). This allows the customer to recover data even after an attack.

Instant Recovery

Ability to recover all information in seconds, regardless of the data size Instant Recovery information on file servers, Exchange, SQLServer and VMware machines.

Attack-Loop Prevention

The solution contains a Sand Box which can detect and prevent backup of infected file with ransom virus. In cases where the file was backed up before the signature files were updated and the virus infiltrated the backup systems, the file will not be restored, thus preventing re-infestation of the organization. This solution hampers ransom attempts even after they have been inserted into the system and prevents the customer from getting into an Attack-Loop.

Features of the 010-backup service:

Backup any type of information: databases, email, files, physical, virtual servers and more.

Support any type of system: virtualization platforms, software applications, hardware vendors, and mobile devices.

Cloud Backup Information: A solution to back up information found across the main cloud vendor systems including Office365, G-Suite, SalesForce, AWS and more.

Flexible retention and scheduling: Saving unlimited versions.

Management and regulation: the automated, methodical and transparent solution.

Information Security: Asigra is equipped with FIPS 140-2 security certificate.

Optimal bandwidth: Minimizes data traffic on your network. Only data that has been changed is backed up.

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