IT Management

Advanced Technologies for Managing IT Infrastructure

Peace of Mind and competitive advantage
Available and up-to-date IT systems are the foundation of every organization in the modern world. There is currently no company, small or large, that does not accumulate information and uses it daily for regular business activities. Whether your business is High-Tech or Low-Tech, any failure of a computing system can cause long-term damage to the company.

If for example, you work at a hotel, the dependency on information systems is from the booking through distribution of rooms, through the management of the hotel's services and facilities until the guest departure, any system failure can disrupt this chain of operations and cause serious operational, budgetary and even long-term damage to the Hotel reputation.

Most of IT failures can be prevented

Every year we see and address thousands of pitfalls that hinder and disrupt work of systems in both small and large businesses. Most of these faults could be prevented by:
  • Regularly monitoring systems that enables fault detection and automated repair before they cause significant damage.
  • Regularly updating systems to prevent the recurrence of faults that have already been identified and resolved in the past.

Continuum Protecting you 24/7

Our Services that are based on Continuum’s technology, allow our customers to be up and running at all times and enjoy peace of mind and competitive advantage using three main Ingredients:
checked1xArtificial intelligence-based monitoring software for the
treatment of 97% of common malfunctions
checked1xIntervention team of 1,200 engineers and
technicians who handle the rest of the malfunctions
checked1xPerforming proactive actions such as
Install security patches and Service-packs

Continuum’s Competitive Advantages

24/7/365 Managed Service

24/7/365 Managed Service

from 7 locations
Low and Predicted

Low and Predicted

Long-Term Saving

Long-Term Saving

On unnecessary expenses on
treatment of uncontrolled faults

Smarter alerts, less service calls and great results

010’s IT management solution provides you with the highest level of service and overall lower TCO

Monitoring and Automatic fault repair software

Our solution is based on agents installed on servers and desktops, monitors them regularly, and can automatically detect and resolve malfunctions. The service reduces the number of pitfalls you experience and significantly reduces their resolution time, saving you time and money and improving your overall user experience.

Installing software and operating system updates

One of the regular and important tasks of a system administrator is to perform operating system updates, information security updates, and bug fixes on systems.

Our service includes a thorough check on the quality of patches by a skilled team and having successfully passed the QA test - distributing them to your systems to ensure safe and continuous work.

24/7 NOC at your service

The 010 service includes a NOC team that handles all events that the system detects but cannot resolve automatically. The team connects to your systems, performs maintenance work, tasks such as server-initiated Restart, performance testing, and so on, allowing you to concentrate on the business rather than solve technical issues.

Automation Solution (DevOps)

Part of the ongoing work of network administrators is to verify the accuracy of various settings and configurations of computers and network devices. Our service helps with these tasks through a dedicated portal for building automated processes to execute settings and installations and for building profiles of computers and workstations. Using this portal streamlines your workflows, saving you time and making system management easier.

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