SIEM/SOC as a Service

As you know, cybercriminals do not only work according to the working hours in organizations and many attacks take place at night and on weekends.

On the other hand, as soon as the response team begins to deal with an incident close to its occurrence, the damage can be minimized and reduced.

Therefore, constant monitoring (SIEM) of the systems to identify unusual events in real time,  combined with an intervention team (SOC service) that responds immediately to each event are critical to preventing/reducing cyber damage to the organization.

The monitoring system (SIEM) Perch of Connectwise that we represent is one of the leaders in the field and contains the tests required to detect anomalies in real time.

Our cyber incident response team operates 24/7/365 from the USA and contains intervention teams at all levels for all types of cyber incidents. 

The team knows how to alert and handle all types of cyber incidents.

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