Backup as a Service

Various events can cause you to need to restore historical information. 

These events are divided into two main types:

  1. Physical failure – for example: a disk that breaks down, a stolen/lost computer, etc.
  2. Logical failure – cyber-attack, deletion of information, unwanted change of files, human error etc.

In all of these cases, there is damage to your information, and you will have to restore it.

Sometimes the damage is discovered immediately (like a disk failure) and sometimes it takes many months until the fault is discovered (like when a file is deleted/changed).

Therefore our service allows you to recover the information even if months/years have passed until you have discovered that important information was lost.

010’s backup service supports many and varied technological platforms, applications, databases, and devices easily and simply and guarantees your organization maximum readiness for any scenario of logical or physical failure, which may lead to data loss.

010’s managed backup service benefits:

  • A team of experts who proactively check your backup status and prevent malfunctions.
  • Local backup + cloud backup to 2 remote sites
  • AES256 level encryption capability to prevent theft of your information.
  • Long retention – even 7 years or more
  • Ability to restore single items or even the entire system.
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