Will your Cloud Backup protect you at a time of need?

Don’t leave your business exposed!

Data Backup deals with Black and white. Everything is fine as long as you don’t need it. But a single catastrophe can destroy an entire business.

Your executives are counting on you. These executives truly believe that when disaster strikes, their data is protected and recoverable. It is up to you and your “voodoo techie skills” to resurrect their business instantly. But is that the case?

In this article, we will ask critical questions when examining a Data Backup solution. Any compromise that will not include all of these points could turn out to be unacceptable during a real disaster. Data that is lost, whether it is due to a virus, theft, fire, earthquake, ransomware, etc, exposes your business to many risks, only some of which can be predicted ahead of time.

You should pay close attention to these points:


  1. Business Value: Does the Cloud Backup provider guarantees your data recoverability?Many providers give you “storage space” for your data, but fail to assume responsibility and do not monitor your backup processes routinely and methodically.
  2. Service Availability: Does the backup provider utilizes two remote sites in separate locations? Do these sites utilize different ISPs for contingency?
  3. Data Security: What encryption level is included to protect your critical data? Is it encrypted both in-flight and at-rest? Is the solution based on security certified and compliant technology platform?
  4. Data Retention: In case of data loss, how far back do you need to be able to recover your data (Days/weeks/months/years)? Are you able to maintain local data copy as well as your cloud service? Will your service provider assume responsibility for both copies?
  5. Comprehensive solution: Does the backup provider able to protect all of your data, regardless of the systems and applications your business is using? Do you need to pay extra for adding new technologies (Oracle, SAP, individual mailboxes, etc)? Are you able to recover individual items from Cloud services (Office 365, Salesforce, etc)?
  6. Recovery time: What recovery time guarantees come with the provider offering? Are you able to export large amounts of data to portable drives to avoid long recovery times? Does the provider include Disaster Recovery features? What is the cost for DR?
  7. Technology Platform: Does your service provider use a technology platform that has years of experience in the data protection industry? Will the technology vendor properly support the backup provider when they need it the most?
  8. Service quality: Is the service and support team knowledgeable and experienced? Can you reach them via phone or is it email contact only? How long do you wait for support?
  9. A few other important things: How much does it cost to recover data? Do you have access to the data on the cloud? Who else has access? Who holds your encryption keys?
These are important questions you should ask your Cloud backup provider. Unsatisfactory answers could expose your business to significant risk, don’t lose your company’s data!

So, what is 010 Data Protection offering you?

It is important to start by saying this: the 010 will not necessarily be cheaper than what you are paying now. Our service is packed with value that ensures your business will always be completely protected and recoverable when you need it.

The 010 Data protection solution provides positive, comprehensive and acceptable answers to all of the above questions!
  • 010 uses the Asigra platform for our Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery services. Asigra is a 30-year veteran of the data protection industry that supports our global team 24/7/365.
  • We perform both local and remote backups of all of our customers’ data, based on specific data retention customer needs.
  • Our service can protect any type of data wherever it is located. The price model is based on data consumption, not on data type. These are some examples of possible protected systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, AS400, Tablet, Smartphone, SQL Server, Exchange, Oracle, SalesForce.com, Office 365, Google Apps, Dockers, etc.
  • When a restore is required, 010 will not rest until all of your data has been fully recovered. We can recover any data, from individual items to entire systems. There is NO extra charge for any restore requests.
  • In case of large scale restores, 010 will either restore data to portable drives and ship it to you, or recover you in our cloud to allow your business to continue working until your site resumes operations.
  • The 010 infrastructures always reside in two separated locations with data replication between them. Our systems are designed with 99.999% uptime, recoverability guaranteed.
  • 010 Employs highly experienced Disaster Recovery specialists located in Canada and Israel. We monitor all backup activities every day and take proactive steps to ensure data protection is always maintained.
  • We provide a manned phone answering service 24/7. Our engineers respond to customer requests based on predefined SLAs and issue severity.
  • The Asigra software provides 256-bit encryption and adheres to FIPS-140-2 security standards. Data is encrypted both in-flight and at-rest. No one at 010 has access to any customer encryption keys!
We have been delivering Cloud data protection and Disaster Recovery services for a long time, long before the concept of “Cloud” has emerged. Our solution provides peace of mind to our customers that their data is secure with us, even at time of disaster.

Don’t let silence deceive you. If disaster strikes, you will face a highly stressful period that can have long term implications to your business. 010 Data Protection provides the best service in the marketplace, we will be there where you need us.