why Asigra V13.1 SP1

Asigra V13.1 SP1 features and benefits

  • asigraAgentless Design: Simple to deploy, easy to manage and scales to the moon. Cover an entire network with a single software instance.
  • Cloud Era Optimized: De-duplicated, compressed Data with Incremental Forever Backups technology and changed blocks tracking (CBT), Asigra operates in any Cloud (Private, Public & Hybrid).
  • Any Device, Application & Platform: Asigra covers everything. Whether you have physical or virtual machines, Windows or Linux, Office 365 or Google, Amazon or Azure, Apple or Sumsung, you are always protected with Asigra.
  • Mass Deployment: Protect thousand of devices in multiple facilities and geographies at a blink of an eye.
  • Cyber Resilient: The Asigra platform is FIPS 140-2 certified with Data encryption in-flight and at rest. The Agentless software footprint on the protected network is very low (a single software instance), significantly reducing security vulnerability.
  • Multiple Backup Repositories: Your data will always be protected locally and in the Cloud.
  • Compliance: Meet regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA & Basel II.
  • Data Integrity Assurance: Asigra’s Autonomic self-healing provides Data consistency & transfer verification to ensure data integrity at all time.
  • Measurable Recovery Assurance: The software provides Auditable Recovery Test for enhanced preparedness and adherence to Compliance.
  • Centralized Operations: The DS-NOC (Network Operation Control) is a single pane of glass to manage all Asigra modules.