010 Disaster Recovery

010 Disaster Recovery
Automated Disaster Recovery: Business Continuity for the Cloud Era.

Disaster Recovery is a process, not a product. A continuous process that is derived from pre-defined business parameters and works to routinely and measurably enhance Disaster preparedness.

Businesses are unique and as such every Disaster Recovery process varies significantly in technology infrastructure capabilities and limitations. A DR product, whether software or service, that is not specifically tuned for your unique business needs is likely to fall apart when you need it the most. Technology alone is not enough.

010 prides itself on delivering world class technology recovery and business continuity solutions. We provide customized & automated failover and failback services for all businesses, independent of their current technology infrastructure.

010 brings decades of Cloud thought leadership, comprehensive Customer support methodologies and a proven track record with virtualization platforms to help you build your fortress.

So, Why 010 Disaster Recovery?

  1. Automation & Centralized Management: 010 AutoBack is a cloud automation system that provides a highly configurable client management, billing & support platform specifically designed for Disaster Recovery process development and testing.
  2. Resilient Cloud Infrastructure: The 010 Cloud infrastructure resides only in the upper echelon of leading datacenter & Cloud providers. Our Technology has no single point of failure, operating from SSAE16 certified data centres with Canadian residency Guaranteed.
  3. Infinite Scalability: Our solution is not only unlimited in data volume, but also in venue. The 010 service can be deployed to any datacentre, anywhere in Canada.
  4. Cloud Era Ready: Supports all major Cloud providers, virtualization platforms, software applications, hardware vendors and Mobile devices.
  5. Near-instant Disaster Recovery: Seamless orchestration of your Business recovery within minutes, supports all major virtualization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms.
  6. Cyber Ready: The 010 Disaster Recovery service includes a dedicated, fully managed security service preconfigured and ready to go live when needed.
  7. Planning & Testing: 010 provides a flexible annual testing program designed to uncover any gaps in your Disaster Recovery preparedness.
  8. Governance & Compliance: Our service is Automated, methodical, transparent, highly secure, always available with Data residency and recoverability Guaranteed.
  9. Disaster Declaration: 010 will design an automated Disaster declaration process uniquely tailored for every customer.
  10. Global 24/7 Support: Managed by our passionate, dedicated, experienced and certified Disaster Recovery specialists working from our Support Centres in Haifa (Israel) and Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada).
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