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Critical questions we believe should be examined when selecting a data protection solution

Your executives rely on you with their eyes closed. These executives truly believe that if catastrophe strikes, their data will be protected. It will be recoverable. You can work your “magic” and get their business in full operation instantly. But is that really the case?

In this post we will ask the critical questions we believe should be examined when selecting a data protection solution. Any compromise that does not include ALL of these point could jeopardize the entire recovery objectives at the moment of truth. Remember, it only takes a single incident, whether it is from virus, ransomware, theft, fire, flood, earthquake, etc, that causes data to become unsalvageable, and you expose your business to a wide range of risks that none of your executives will be willing to accept.

What do you need to insist on with any data protection solution:

  1. Does your service provide guarantees data recovery when needed? Many service providers give you with disk space for your backups, but do not take responsibility for your restores and do not supervise the success of failure of your backup processes. 
  2. Technology infrastructure: Does your backup solution reside in at least two separate sites? Do these sites have at least two ISP access points as redundancy?
  3. Information Security: Do you know what level of encryption your provider is using for their solution? Is the data encrypted both in flight and at rest? Do they have security certifications that assure the solution meets your corporate security policies?
  4. Backup policies: a. How many days/weeks/months/years can you go back to in case of data loss? b. Is the data retention policies sufficient for your financial systems and regulations? c. Do you have local copies of your data for faster restore capabilities? d. Is all of your local data also copied to the cloud? Is the service provider responsible for both copies?
  5. Full coverage: Does your solution include protection for all of your systems, applications, devices and sites? Is the pricing model simple to understand or do you need to reprice any new systems that your business brings on? Can you restore a single file from the entire backup array?
  6. Disaster Process: what are your provider’s guarantee restore times? Does it meet your business objectives? Can you receive large data restores via USB drive shipped to you instead of waiting several days for WAN traffic? Can your provider recover your systems at his cloud infrastructure until you are ready to fail back?
  7. Solution maturity: Does your current provider basing his solution on reputable and proven technology vendors? How many years has these vendors been in business? Will the vendor help your provider when needed?
  8. Service, Service, Service: a. Does your provider have a human response team or are all communications come in the form of email? b. Does your provider have a service charter? Business level SLAs? c. In case you leave your current provider, how long will your data be kept?
  9. A few more important items: a. What are the restore costs? b. Do you have access to the Cloud data? c. Who else has access? Who holds the encryption keys?

There are important questions you need to ask your service provider. 
Partial or unsatisfactory answers will expose you to significant risk: Permanent data loss at a time of Disaster. 

Included in the 010 Data Protection service: 

We will start with telling you the truth right away:The solution that we are offering you will not necessarily be cheaper than what you are paying today. We have no intention of competing with sub-par service providers. Having said that, you will find that 010 includes significantly more value than any other service provider today. 

Our service provides you with positive, comprehensive and satisfactory answers to ALL of the above questions:

  • 010 utilizes the Asigra platform to commission our service. Asigra has been providing data protection solutions for over 30 years and provides 010 with back to back support on any issue and question, 24/7/365.
  • We include both local and remote copies of all backups that allows you to meet the data retention policies your business must have. There are no limitations on the number of copies or generations (versions) you need. • Our solution can protect any application, database, operating system, device or site, with a very simple pricing model.
  • In case of restore, 010 will not rest until all of your systems and data are fully restored and your business resumes regular operations. we provide full systems restores, as well as granular restores such as a single file. We DO NOT charge you anything for restores.
  • In case restores are large and will take too long to be performed via the Internet, we will supply you with a USB drive with your encrypted data to allow your environment to be restored much faster. In case of a full Disaster, we will recover you in our cloud until your facilities are repaired.
  • The 010 datacenters are located in two separated facilities, each with full redundancy across power, cooling and ISP network connectivity. Our systems are designed with 99.999% availability. We will always be able to restore your data!
  • 010 has above 8 highly experienced and certified engineers that specialize in data protection strategies and are located in Ontario, Canada and Haifa, Israel. We monitor all customer backups daily to ensure service quality is always maintained.
  • We provide 24/7 support for all issues, with SLAs defined by type of call and severity. Data restores are our 1st priority!• In case you terminate the service with us, we will maintain your data for 30 days at no charge to you, to guarantee a smooth transition to a different provider. We will also send you a copy of your data at that time as well.
  • The Asigra software encrypts your data with AES256 level security in flight and at rest, ONLY you know your encryption keys. The Asigra brand has FIPS 140-2 certificate for data security, your data will never be compromised. 

010 Data Protection has been providing services for many years, but only in recent years the industry has gained new service providers. Like any other industry, there is quantity and there is quality. We believe our solution has qualities unlike any other service provider. Our solution will give you the ability to protect your business during a disaster, and the peace of mind you need your executives are looking for. 

Don’t let complacency mislead you, disaster strikes only once. If you fail then, your business will suffer. Join the 010 family and receive the best data protection service the market has to offer.